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Friday, October 13, 2006

Moonlight of Gold

Moonlight of Gold
Originally uploaded by `Bobesh.

Pete is one of best photographers on flickr, if you read his profile you can see he almost accidentally got started with photography. He has been featured on the Explore Front Page and his photography is amazingly, excellent.

His moon compositions are some of the first of his photos I saw of his on Flickr. Here is a pointer he left others on flickr about photographing the moon.

"There is a great website (Geoscience Australia) that computes the Moonrise and Moonset times at any specific location (as long as you know your latitude and longitude), it also computes Azimuth and Elevation of the Moon at any given time."

"That's how I knew the Moon would be falling just on the other side of the lake at 5:04 this morning. "

From his profile:
Nothing really interesting about me so I may as well just mention how I found my way to Flickr.

To cut the story rather short : just before my trip to Germany for the World Cup in Soccer (Football), I decided it was just about time to purchase some decent camera.

Nikon D200 just arrived to Australia hence it was easy to make up my mind. Unfortunatelly all shops were out of stock and I went overseas without a camera. I still enjoyed the World Cup and forgot all about the cam until I accidently bumped into it at the airport in Dubai on my way back home (in July '06). Well I bought it although I have to wait another 4 years for the next World Cup and I'm not sorry, 'coz in the meantime I'm having great time learning how to use my first DSLR.

Next, I found Flickr to be a great source of information and ideal Photo sharing enviroment.

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