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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Thirteenth 100

Lucky Number 13. The 13th 100 selections.

Forty-Ninth 25:
Expanded Soul Her Organ Donor Card Said "Flickr" Scellés Talbot Valley A shadow on the ground
sunbeams Balancing act... Pagoda at Sunset Tonight's Sunset One day in Marrakesh5184
Yin-Yang inevitable storm If You Forget Me You can leave your hat on...
Feathered Beauty who ain't trapped anyway?? The red way Family portrait silent witness
Looking Westward over the Yarra as the sun begins to set.. A Night Like This The scary tower (IR) Regret

Fiftieth 25:

netting the Gold Caballos de Sevilla (III) / Horses of Seville (III) My father - '50 Moulton Barn Morning Shadow The gift....
A Poppy Unfolding Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Untitled cathedral Notre Dame in Paris Curiosity
Another Day Lost in Magicland conversaciones-de-andén ...See???... Flying
April 7th Winter's Ghost Waiting for the Easter bunny! A world without borders would be a wonderful world
Tiny Insect Inflight Colores y texturas / Colours and textures if you gotta pray.... Catedral de Malaga 2 (HDR) İstanbul Harbor

Fifty-First 25:

feelings Bon anniversaire Papa hairy beast laziness.... Wondering at night
Tacos de Chorizo Real Prince If you are not here XII Nubes / Clouds Saint Anthony's Basilica, Padova
You Put Your Left Foot In....... Old barn at sunset L'eau descend du ciel TREE pasture-land
the sun Among Them Cloudy Blues Creek Broadmoor Fantastic 1
two lane Daybreak Treasure Flame Heavenly  Light. ....

Fifty-Second 25:

Let light give you energy Today I painted my dream... Crossing The Line… wilderness Side view
Kingfisher (Alcedo athis) Boats If you are not here XIII Return of the Dragonfly Green bottle
Piratas del Caribe Spirit of the Snowy Egret tickled by the sun B.P.M. Tannin
Petals Back Off ! End of Winter "Tigerfly" The Core
dancing faeries* IM000901.JPG F i r e f i g h t e r * The Bicyclist Heading: Home

Numerically ordered according to the original thread; left-to-right, top-to-bottom.

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