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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Sixth 100

Allow your eyeballs to wander on the best: the sixth 100 images.

Twenty-First 25:

Drops that Sparkle Perfect imperfection... Light Color and Shape Cooling Off The Lantern
aquamarine Orchidaceae Inflourescence Explosion Simply White Sands Marvellous Night For A Moondance - Jervis Bay Australia Nature is talking....
This is becoming a habit Escenas de la Albufera XVII Survival N/B Desert A flying Gull
Road of Ceillac, Under the snow Train crossing Grosvenor bridge in the fog. The Waves of Antelope Golden grass Washed up
"...He Makes the Other Woodpeckers Swoon..." Summer celibration *5 the golden seed Phoenix? Framing a Barn

Twenty-Second 25:

Lonely Fisherman Twilight La Siesta Downbeat Snow Flight BONNE ANNEE !  HAPPY NEW YEAR !  :-)
Playtime! Nights, I dream of purple skies Quartet (ver. #2) Agonie back then *
Labyrinth Left Unstrung Giorgio's Store The magical potion...
Cold and Clear Sunrise dreamy look NO, Not Another Picture Golden ...a bath with the Lord....
Un saule Etre vous manque... morning glory....... the deep blue sea Wondrous Sun, sun, sun here it comes!

Twenty-Third 25:

Mystic River Sunrise on Creus Cape / Amanecer en el Cabo de Creus Wingtips L o n e l i n e s s *
Snow shadows Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulus) Red Doors Let's Get Cozy St. Stephens tower. "Big Ben"
Time goes by  .... for Jacq Softly softly... Red dropPetales de velours
Rowing Flinders St Station OKAY! I'm leaving! Sunrise on the Gulf of Georgia (Rough-legged Hawk) I m p a s s e *
Mercedez - Benz 1929 White Orchid Sea stacks and rainbow Confidencias en la fuente Simply Morning On The Lake

Twenty-Fourth 25:

Look Sharp Islands in the sun My Special Light ********** A Voyage
Bring on the sunset En el Parque my home is my castle Smew cameroncreek-DSC_3148
For My Dear Friend ChrisLuksfera Radiator Les sept pilliers de la sagesse Orange delight Survival of the Fittest
First snow cool seat reach for the sky .. Poetry in Motion Upside Down Is Better
Crimson Rosella (moulting) Chaque homme dans sa nuit s'en va vers sa lumière - Each man in his night goes away towards his light. (Victor Hugo) footprints to a sunset ...22/01/07 Sunrays The Eye at  Broken Branch

Numerically ordered according to the original thread; left-to-right, top-to-bottom.


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