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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Tenth 100

Four thousand images have passed through the pool at Magic Donkey. 1,000 survive. See the 1,000th in this installment.

Thirty-Seventh 25:

Misty Morning Memories Sundown... All the best for a groovy weekend! Un jour... Alex...
El viejo Saxofón Freshwater Crocodile Thankful Araucárias Enjoy-the-Silence
Sunny tulips Contemplation LOVE ROMANCE Wings willow path
jour des femmes Walking on the moon Detail Courbes understand her.......
Slowly ending day View on Gaudi A long time ago Calles mojadas At the Water's Edge

Thirty-Eighth 25:

Gold leaf Tramonto d'Oro Tools Ready Dream Beyoğlu
Rainbow Bike Free your thoughts..... Set In Stone 'I don't know, it started as a pimple' An island in the sand
Sunset on Lake Burley Griffin - Australia Orchid time is the enemy Beachcomber The dawn of time
blowing in the wind wild sea Al Andalus Pointe du Moulin, L'Ile Perrot
B&W Just my imagination Apparition The photographer just a matter of time

Thirty-Ninth 25:

WaY Morning Glory Chengzihe glowworm Autumn
Fatal Attraction Sierra Cirque < Fly me to the moon..... Paradise Valley
Who Waits Forever Anyway as i am... A different kind of blue Cinematic bubbles :Pp Visions of a Restless Night
Kewaunee mist Passing The Day Rural flood.jpg A mysterious landscape inner peace
countryside Mount Timpanogos - 03/08/07 Silhouette El Macho Turban

Fortieth 25:

Enchanted Waters There's a feeling I get... It's Later than you think.... Red A sun for Monday
the Donk route Center Stage One small step for birdkind ;) Guerreros en la playa - Warriors on the beach Yesterday's Gone
The leash? Nooooo...I haven't seen it. Silence #999O m i n o u s * Fuzzy Stars
C o n t r a s t * San Pietro e Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II canal reverie ... Affettuoso (tenderly) color of spring
Huntingdon Falls ... Born to be wild ¡Ay Asturias.....Cuánto te quiero! Mount Timpanogos - 03/08/07

Numerically ordered according to the original thread; left-to-right, top-to-bottom.


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