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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Eleventh 100

Phew! What a great collection this is!

Forty-First 25:

The meeting A Symphony Of Peace The sun settles down to roost Spring is today ;) I lost...
Hello.... Reunion Fallas 2007 Like waves .... flower
A Touch Of Evening Light Wicklow Gold Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin Merlion at Dawn
Serenidad Time Avispa midi break
shipwreck reflection Nog een plaatje van vorig jaar!Het is een mannetje Rode Smalbok Pelican pin-up Memories of cold ... {} Pawnee Pink Sherbert Sunset

Forty-Second 25:

it's alright he says, it's alright... splendor Positano Happy Ending Forgotten
TheWaterTank.jpg Untitled dream The Last Known Traces of Dr. Livingstone Seat of spectacle La casita del lago / The small house of the lake
Beyoğlu 2 Cantate .... My Fair Lady Courbe Morning Blues
The coming Squall Color of Smog reflective moments P e a c e f u l n e s s * Family love
Vitis Spotted view over Montmartre When the light caress the sea Jewel of Ireland

Forty-Third 25:

Run like the Wind El Señor del Castillo Happy Camper _______silence is golden.... A wonderful quick glance
Orchid It's pear season.... reed reflections Thank you on exiting the space/time capacitor contraption..
Roasting Snow Mashmollows Searching.... it's like a jungle out there On The Road Again Writing the minutes
340. One fine day balcony without view... Crater Lake Morn' I love these Flowers!
double vision my first no photoshopped pic! :-)) Free my soul An Innocent Moment A Separate Reality

Forty-Fourth 25:

Bleeding Heart In the Arms of the Angels Midnight Trane The way you see them... Sourire sélénite
Little Help? Fairy Land VI These Hands Mirror Mirror on the Lake
____under construction____ Foolish Wisdom Pure and simple
The last step for her, the first one for her shadow Un viaje de mil millas comienza con el primer paso (200 Fotos en Flickr) Feeling-Georgian :)) Toledo al atardecer.. Home away cinema
When two become one three Plátanos Fairy Land Re-visited VII Sunset to the North

Numerically ordered according to the original thread; left-to-right, top-to-bottom.


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