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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Eighth 100

Contained within are the selections from the 30th 100--that's 3,000 images from MagicDonkey, and 800 into the 25% Solution!

Twenty-Ninth 25:

Snowy refraction of the garden NoMeDejes- Don'tLeaveMe!!! E=mc2 Sunshine day ... Latinus
What a Dream It Was glowing images........ If Fire In The Sky Good Morning
Night Dublin (HDR) antique beauty Just a day afternoon... Caramelized Sugar H i b e r n a t i n g *
Leopard-Female Atardecer Rojo en Debod Marshland mist / Brume des marais red dawn A Mixed Bunch
Immensité - Infinity Going for a Sunday drive! oh tulip! Elf river Magical mystery tour

Thirtieth 25:

Ese toro enamorao de la luna... Bright your day..... Solo uno de cinco Deep in your mind.... Who Wants To Live Forever
When time runs out Honey Sea Unknown world La barca Detonating Wave Jervis Bay Australia
S t u b b o r n * Laguna Beach Sunset _ii_.. Lorne Fishing Dudes Escenas de la Albufera XXI
Golden West Layers of Gold A  Midsummer Night's Dream _|__|__|_ Licorice Sky
in ancient times Blue morning To a so kind flower! / À une si gentille fleur! Not a Tulip The Crack of Day

Thirty-First 25:

Winterly impression Enchantment turquoise moon I have a bigger mouth than you! Be Still
En el nombre de la rosa.. from the bottom of my heart Mannequin Spa Angel or peacock ? Lonely Tree
S t i l l n e s s * Plums anyone? Watching Waiting for sowing time the lantern man
Lots of white Plaza de Canalejas Thinking about... Luminescent Lullaby
Majestuoso Teide....... Wildness... slip away Double hearted swans in gold. on the road to find out

Thirty-Second 25:

Let there be light Graceful Flamingo Atomic reflection... A blue touch in the golden Spring will come!
Vida visit me... Camelot's Journey - Excalibur Le Gardien du Louvre Mea Culpa
Winter in black & white Poudrerie - Snow in the wind Ombú Caution Magic Tunnel
Taipei 101 Georges Pompidou museum in Paris melancholy You're the one The Skoke in Winter
Discovery of Heaven Vision arctique swan hearts at dawn DSC06289 Miam, miam, miam, miam.....

Numerically ordered according to the original thread; left-to-right, top-to-bottom.


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