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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Twelfth 100

As usual--another set of 100 spectacular images. Be sure to check them out!

Forty-Fifth 25:

light-hearted reading..... White on white Waiting ... Once upon a time white barn
Mmmm..... pears Pasodoble cloud infatuation 1 Feel to Believe happiness on the top... :-)
Different Shapes Down by the river (Nessie) A Moment to Believe Mists of Time..... for old times' sake
Dual Rest... After the Storm Panorama from the bridge ...celebrating.... Celebration of spring
Emerging from winter Shades of green Butterfly The Birth of Spring imagination

Forty-Sixth 25:

Bank and The Bird Sailing Forever.... 100% waterproof gold beach Feeling
Whispered thoughts pastel motion Black sands Propped up by sunbeams? early
Deep Tracks Sun and Silence Fithouette Pensive ... A big love for legless dog
High Key Rise forgotten II Homage to jacq
The Boat Total empathy Pont de Québec dance to the tune

Forty-Seventh 25:

Mature Adult Ring-billed Gull in Breeding Plumage lemon zest McClures Beach, Point Reyes The poser... My wild river!
Sunset in the beach ___un_titled___ Furry Fountain Nurture Your Dream View from under the bridge... :-)
The lovers Dance to the End of Time story from the sea nature is what we see Sky & Ground
Limosa limosa (Rycyk) Wide Angle View of Rose River Falls Take my breath away..... met over coffee...... Apse (revisited) - The Charlemagne's Tower (XIth century)
Up, Up and Away Orchid Photo Boy, what a feast! 17 Light bulbs ( Photo Nº 500)

Forty-Eighth 25:

rusty sub Dandy dreaming Spirit Dove Behind the clouds… the light!
I came in second... Bird of Paradise Amur Tigers A Dance of Love Balança Mas Não Cai
perfect time For the love of music ... Black & White & Blue & Green Reflections over the sea
Water, Wood and Stone advanced pong.. Late Afternoon... glowing........ Ne tuons pas la beauté du monde/Don't kill the beauty of the world
This will be my final warning! Isla de Aketze-Bizkaia last of the sunshine (on velvet fields) Shhhhhhhh......

Numerically ordered according to the original thread; left-to-right, top-to-bottom.


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