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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Originally uploaded by imapix.
Gaëtan Bourque, (also know as Imapix), is one of the greatest photographers on Flickr. This is a deserved complement with reason. You only have to look through his photostream to see awesome picture after picture.

This one that he was so nice to share in our group has the caption:

n. *Fluidness1. the property of flowing easily.
Water & Color Fluidness, Petit Lac Cache, Mont-Tremblant National Park, Quebec, Canada.
Fixquote:"To take photographs is to hold one's breath when all faculties converge in the face of fleeing reality. It is at that moment that mastering an image becomes a physical and intellectual joy."-Henri Cartier-Bresson

His stylized descriptions conform to this format, and adds interest beyond the image itself. If you are new to Flickr one of your destinations should be right to his stream. I learn much by excellent use of composition and vividly vibrant photos.
Gaëtan is gifted in other ways also, and is excellent in his use of many languages. He is a true communicator of wonderfulness.

To see his photo stream go here.

To see the best of Flickr by other artists come to our group.

To be awed by a spectacular slideshow of the best come here.


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