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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall vs Sunset

Fall vs Sunset
Originally uploaded by Fort Photo.

I have appreciated the photography of Fort Photo for quite some time. Here is one of his efforts with HDR and we are pleased to say is part of the MagicDonkey Group.

One thing I have always appreciated from this master photographer is his commentary that can be found with each photo. Here you will learn about ecology and history about the photos he takes in the Midwest of the United States. Delve in to his photostream you will not be disappointed.

From his profile:

I find a large chunk of photography that I do could be labeled as nature photography and really it's no surprise. Conservation biology is a central area of interest for me, which is reflected in the subjects I chose. Photography can pair well with birding and botany, two other activities I also have a great time doing.

Often with my photography I hope to evoke the same sense of childhood wonder and appreciation for nature that experiencing it first-hand instills in me. I hope you find my images to be a fun diversion.

Fort Photo's photostream on Flickr

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