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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Originally uploaded by Perikita.
This wonderful bird photo was take at the Hamburg Zoo in Germany, by Irma, (Perikita).
She is originally from Mexico and now resides with her husband in Germany.

Her photography is next to spectacular and I have been following her contribution to her photo stream for quite sometime. We are very honored to have her as a part of group, MagicDonkey

From her profile:
---------------------- September, 2006

So... I think it is time to upgrade my profile, again... :)

With a bit or a lot of luck I had the chance in September this year to upgrade my photography gear...

I got a beatiful Canon 5D and three Canon lenses: 24-105 mm f4 EF-L, 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 L, and 180mm f3.5 L Macro...

All my pictures are taken in RAW format and I use RawShooter and CS2 for my post processing...

Photomatix is one of my programs to work with HDR images and NeatImage my program to reduce noise and give the final touch to my pictures when it is needed...

Still learning how to take beautiful pictures, so if you have any comment to improve my photography, feel free to comment... I would appreciate it much...

---------------------- August, 2005.

My husband wanted to upgrade his camera gear and he gifted me what he was working with... A D70!! Can you imagine how happy I am now!

I want to learn more and more and take beautiful pictures... after all a good camera doesn't give you beautiful pictures...

---------------------- February, 2005

One day in late February I went to the garden and I broke my camera this is the last picture I took with my Olympus C-3000. Ah! How much I miss those colors... :(

My husband bought me as a birthday gift a Panasonic FZ20. It has been great to play with it.

---------------------- November, 2004.

I am Mexican, but I live in the northern part of Germany. I got interested in photography when I got as a gift a digital camera in September 2004. I am learning how to take beautiful pictures. So, if you have any comment to improve my pictures it will be very welcome.

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