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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The First 100

The first one hundred selections have been made. Look a bit further to see a complete collection.

First 25:

volcano Rising Moon over Bensville Still a few weeks of waiting...NO! Last rose
Pastoral Pasture Industrial Revolution   /   Sanayi devrimi back in time Morning Dew Lemon Splash
Fall vs Sunset Forest in the morning 2 Daddy's Home! - Cropped Square for Liquid gold Fluidness*
Hey, you!  Whatcha doin' down there? Gathering Storm Swings at the Fair Really magical symmetry end of day sunset formation dancing
mirrors The road without the beginning and the end... the legend on boulevard Ashaming Nature.... Amur Leopard [2]

Second 25:

Moonlight Magical Morning dreaming away Skylight au Natural
Just another nordic landscape Sunbeams in the Forest olam haba Colorful Weathered ... {}
La Belle acide Smooth Fischerei-Parstein daisy a day
Batasia loop purple glass drop (# 3) Off I go! Trees vs Trees Peregrino [Travelling one]
Jesus light Once, a goddess . . . About Sea, Sunset And Lovely Memories Gulls

Third 25:

Tangled Up In Green meditation Spectacular Bridge Kalahari sunset elegance Paradise By the Dashboard Light
Meditación perspective Summit To Ana With Love Swift Return
Glossy Ibis at Sunset Leaping Into Symmetry Layers of Landscape Double Delight Morning Comes to Moulton Barn
Primate, portrait. Summer indulgence Eye of the Froggy Caracol Swan: light and shadows...
details in red atmosphere Casting off Pénombre complice BIG Bee claws!

Fourth 25:

Amour en cage notch Hourglass Landscape Outshined off road
The Little Liquid Robot Greetings, Earthlings! Swan Empire of The Sun Impression@Mountain In Taiwan
one step into my dream Take a walk on the wild side Victoria Crowned Pigeon
sepia-buckeye Atracción Ferial (Girona en fiestas) Un muelle en el cielo / A wharf in the heaven sun through the porch hdr Autumn Color In Morning Mist
Spun silver (a.k.a. Platinum cascades) Hind Ava at Four Months Ostende, 1920 The sun

Numerically ordered according to the original thread; left-to-right, top-to-bottom.


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