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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Fourth 100

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Thirteenth 25:

Town clock 3 elements- earth, water, air transponder = ON floripondio by me stormyweather 7
More mountain mist Enduring love Reach Kinderdijk Kiz Kulesi (Leander's Tower)
Love These Birds~~Northern Cardinal~~ Hoverfly Flying I've got the moon on a fork... aperture... Egret Bristling
She said: "I'm not ready..." but he didn't understand... Seeds [of life] A perfect situation golden reflection Masquerade.....
Caracol Dusk Flyback Christmas Lights is it  a .....  ?

Fourteenth 25:

Morning light Cobb Lane, Corner Brook, NL Flowers & Droplets!! I saw snowflakes yesterday roll out the barrel!
The blue door Fields of gold Creative Nature Beach fire Storm clouds, Wilmington.East Sussex.
Alblasserwaard - The Netherlands Tip Monument Valley callas 100 year hand
tired... In The Name of The Rose have a nice walk... Kanji Egret Flying 2
Peek a boo Pal Lanterns das Tor - the gate Sentinels New dice!

Fifteenth 25:

The art of agave Monday is a stone..... Hail The Sun ffx7083 T minus 2 and Counting...
Water Dragon Mangrove... Mirrored beauty Natural Log The shelter of love ...
Day After Day Peace to you on Sunday Escenas de la Albufera XIII lost horizon ..................poser............../////
Borda Green Fields Grand Remous Avebury stone circle. Wiltshire. small black bird
The Parasol Maneuver Near Sandhill Symmetry Santa Dropped This One...Deck 'dem halls Yall~ Sacred Soil S.O.S. written with air - S.O.S. écrit avec de l'air

Sixteenth 25:

The Mist On St. Mary Let the children come... momentary spotlight Iceland_2 ABSTRACCION corporal
I painted my day... Celebrating one year at "flickr" !!! My LeFion shot Marriott's Way tree tunnel liquid gold.......
Onion Kiss Happy New year ..... Feather Elegance Some Would Say Passion, Some Would Say Lust
Take a look! After being in sauna Du cerfeuil dans les oreilles st pauls cathedral The step
Last light flying... frío Tonight's Sunset  --  Sunday, December 3, 2006 Winter Sun electric sunset 1

Numerically ordered according to the original thread; left-to-right, top-to-bottom.

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